Why So Serious?

by sophiestockings

Prejudice against red-heads and gingers’ has been generated not only by the general public but through media interpretation, however in these cases this is normally done for comic effect. A famous British comedian Catherine Tate was well known for her red-hair so much so they she began to use it as a focal point for her comedy sketch show. One sketch in particular focuses on a fictional character Sandra Kemp who was forced to seek solace in a refuge which has been specifically set up as a ginger safe-haven. As a red-head myself I find this level of comedy amusing because it is a light-hearted gesture coming from another ginger it is not to specifically put out in the media to upset or hurt anyone. However outspoken adult-themed cartoons such as South Park have lent themselves to becoming offensive as four episodes of the series are focused on being ginger and purposefully prejudice.

In fact the cartoon creation has gone so far as to openly mock any objectors to the prejudice which they felt after watching the episodes.