International Kick A Ginger Day

by sophiestockings

Although the media’s representation of ‘gingers’ is usually for comic effect there have been some harrowing results as society take the message too far. After South Park aired the serious of anti-ginger episodes there was a growing concern for people’s safety. In November 2008 Facebook received a lot of criticism from after a group page was established entitled ‘National Kick a Ginger Day’ as a result a 14-year-old boy was repeatedly kicked by his school peers just because of the colour of his hair.

I have never experienced such cruelty because of the colour of my hair but the fact that others have been tormented does affect the way I see and feel about myself, because of such video’s above I do wonder to myself how I appear to others and wonder about what they think of me, do they actually believe that I am different from them because of what a TV program says? Cooley’s Looking Glass Theory applies to my life because sometimes I find myself believing that others have a predetermined idea of who I am based on my appearance.