by sophiestockings

As a teenager my Self-Image became confused with pale skin and flame red hair my fashion-choices were consciously of black or grey items, this is because for years I thought that my skin tone and hair colour clashed with the current trends – this very quickly lent to my involvement in the sub-culture of Goth. As a sub-culture being Goth meant that I could cover up with dark heavy materials and clothing, I felt far more comfortable in Gothic clothing than anything else the dark colours and heavy makeup distracted from the fact that if I were to wear clothes from the main-stream or high street that I would perhaps look strange or different from other girls in my age group. The sub-culture was a safety blanket and my self-esteem was greatly improved, I found comfort in friends who were part of the same sub-culture as we all looked the same. It was comforting to know that we all looked the same and as a group I was less likely to be singled out. I also appreciated that fact that the people in this sub-culture understood the fact that the term ‘ginger’ was insensitive and steered from labelling me with the name.