Its a poor person thing.

by sophiestockings

In a European community where the populous have mainly brown or blonde hair the connotations of the ”ginger gene” have been greatly misconstrued. In adolescence perhaps being ”ginger” is something which resides in playground taunts however as society changes rapidly and ginger celebrities are coming to the forefront of fame being ”ginger” is an issue which doesn’t seem to have the same prevalence as before. Famous singers such as Ed Sheeran, comedians such as Tim Minchin and actresses’ such as Cristina Hendricks have all moved towards making being ”ginger” socially acceptable however aside from the rich and famous those who are termed ‘low class’ seem to continue to find faults in a red heads appearance. Perhaps this class of people continue to mock the hair colour because of their own self-image or self confidence however the reasoning behind the taunts are not known entirely.

The family shown in this video clip of BBC News reside in Newcastle which is predominantly north of the UK wealth divide, living in what is largely regarded as the poor region of Britain it is not surprising that this family have been tormented on the basis of hair colour.

The link above discusses issues which the hair colour may in tale after reporting the incident regarding the family.