The X-Men were named for the “X” in “Charles Xavier.” Since I am Ginger, you will be my “G-Men.”

by sophiestockings

Aside from the connotations of being ‘ginger’ the denotations are far more complex, essentially the hair colour is a mutation and therefore a recessive gene, as to why those who do have the hair colour are normally referenced to as ‘diseased’. It is believed my the masses that the hair colour will eventually die out because of its inability to compete against the dominant hair colours. The hegemonic view on the colour is that people are less likely to procreate with another ginger and therefore through selection the gene will die out or that because the gene is recessive that eventually the colour will die out. However this is a myth the colour has been promiante since the Viking era and will continue to survive for many years yet to come. In fact some research suggests that the hair colour may even date back to the era of the Neanderthals which means that perhaps the colour is in fact something hwich has been around for much longer than anticipated by society and therefore something which should not be mocked because of its ability to stand the test of time.

The Ginger Gene Revealed